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Mila Pucar

dr Mila Đ. Pucar, dia, naučni savetnik

Contact details

Professional position/title

PhD in Architecture, Research Counsellor
Researcher – urban planner- architectural designer
Coordinator for the Center of Informatics, Publishing and Education
Vice-president of the Managing Board of IAUS
Editor-in-chief of the “Arhitektura i urbanizam” magazine (published by IAUS, since 2000),
Member of editorial board of “Spatium” international magazine (published by IAUS, since 2000),
Chairman of Editorial Board for publishing activities of the IAUS.

Career progress

  • (1971-1975) – Architectural Bureau "Krajina", Banjaluka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – architect, leading architect;
  • (1975-1980) – Institute for Planning and Management Systems  CAPPS, research scientist.
  • (1980-1994) Institute of Technical Sciences of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts, research scientist.
  • since 1994 till 2004 worked in this Institute at 30% capacity.
  • (since 1994) Institute for Architecture and Urban Planning of Serbia

Education, scientific/professional title, professional exam, professional licenses

PhD in Architecture, Research Counsellor, urban planner, designer
State exam for a professional architect: 1975.
Licensed urban planner (license no. 200 0079 03)
Licensed architectural designer (license no. 300 0340 03)

Membership in scientific and professional associations

Member of the Executive Board of the Yugoslav Association of Solar Energy , 1987-1991.
Member of the Committee for finalisation of building activities at the Federal Bureau for Standardisation ,1985-1990.
Member of the Yugoslav team engaged in the UNDP ECE Project “Energy Efficient Design in Building and Use of Solar Energy” and coordinator of the work group for the preparation of Solar Handbook (1991).
Member of the International Steering Committee of the World Congress on Renewable Energy Sources (since 2001);
Member of the Board for Energy of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts (since 1991) ;
Member of the Union of Architects of Serbia;
Member of the Association of Belgrade’s Urbanists,
Member of the Chamber of Urban Planners of Serbia;
Member of the Serbian Chamber of Engineers
Member of expert team of the Commission for Traffic and Civil Engineering of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Development of the Republic of Serbia.
Chairman of the Board for Environmental Protection of the Association of Town Planners of Serbia (od 1999-2003).
Member of the Organizational Council for the Ranko Radovic Award, ULUPUDS (2006)
Member of the Leading Council for Traffic, Urban Planning and Civil Engineering at the Ministry of Science and Technological Development RS
Member of several commissions for obtaining scientific titles in the Ministry of Science and Technological Development and tutorial titles at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade
Member of the Planning Commission for the Municipality of Lazarevac, Municipality of Lazarevac (2007/2008).

Scientific and professional competency/specialisation

Researches in the fields of bioclimatic planning and design, implementation of renewable energy sources in planning and design (urban and rural communities), energy efficiency in building, passive solar architecture, environmental protection, studies of public participation in environmental processes, architectural design and urban planning and tutorial work and publishing.

Summary results according to categories listed in the Act on evaluation of scientific research results

She is one of the authors of an international monograph and 3 periodic editions of the monographs of international significance and author/co-author of 28 national monographs. She has published 12 articles in international journals and 20 articles in national journals, (as author and co-author). She has participated with 41 papers in international conferences with reviews. She participated and presented over ninety papers at national professional and scientific conferences. She is author and co-author of 17 technical solutions (prototypes, devices and laboratory models). As inventor and co-inventor she was granted fifteen patents. She is a co-author of 25 evaluation studies. She has given 15 key-note papers and other lectures on invitation. She has participated in 25 scientific research projects as a team member or project manager. Co-author of the book: Bioclimatic Planning and Design –Urban Parameters, Zavet, Beograd, 1993. Author of the book „Bioclimatic Architecture –Glazed Spaces and Passive Solar Systems“, IAUS, Beograd, 2006. In addition to the above-mentioned, she has worked in projects, programs, preliminary and detailed projects, investment programs, regulatory and general plans, urban design projects etc. She has designed, as project architect or associate designer, a large number of residential and public buildings. She has participated in urban design and architectural competitions.

The most significant scientific publications

  1. Mila Pucar (one of the authors), " The International Monograph: -Basic Principles for the Elaboration of Rules on the Maintenance, Renovation and Reconstruction of Multiple Family Housing and Commercial Buildings, Recommendations for Reconstruction and Extension in the Urban Environment". Faculty of Architecture, Ministry of Town Planning and Building of the Republic of Serbia, Belgrade, 2002. ISBN 86-80095-49-4
  2. M. Pucar: "Enhancement of Ground Radiation in Greenhouse by Reflection of Sunlight", International journal: Renewable Energy, 26(4) (2001) p.p. 561- 586. ISSN 0960-1481
  3. Mila Pucar, Milan Pajević, Marina Nenković: Intelligent Buildings in Context of Energy Rationalization, International journal: Spatium, 12, 2005, str.28-31. ISSN 1450-569X
  4. M. Pucar, A. Despić: "The Enhancement of Energy Gain of Solar Collectors and Photovoltaic Panels by the Reflection of Solar Beams", International journal: Energy 27 (2002) p.p. 205-223., ISSN 0360-5442
  5. M. Pucar, A. Despić: The effect of diffuse/indirect light on the energy gain of solar thermal collector, International journal: Renewable Energy, 30 (2005) p.p. 1749- 1758., ISSN 0960-1481
  6. Nenković Marina, Mila Pucar: Aarhus Convention Aims in Energy Management in Serbia, International journal: Environmental Engineering and Management Journal (EEMJ), Technical University of Iasi, Romania, editor M.Macoveanu, december 2006, vol.5 No 6, str. 1371-1379 Iasi, Romania ISBN1582-9596
  7. Mila Pucar, Marina Nenković-Riznić, Boško Josimović, Environmental Protection in The Function of Regional Development in Serbia, Keynote Paper, International Scientific Conference, Thematic Conference Proceedings Vol.1 „Regional Development, Spatial Planning and Strategic Governance“, Institute of Architecture and Urban & Spatial Planning of Serbia, p.p. 287-319, ISBN 978-86-80329-61-1
  8. Mila Pucar, Milan Pajevic, Milica Jovanovic-Popovic: "The Bioclimatic Planning and Designing – Urban Design Parameters". The Monograph, Zavet, Belgrade, 1994.
  9. Mila Pucar: „BIOCLIMATIC ARCHITECTURE–Glazed Spaces and Passive Solar Systems“ Monograph, Special editions/IAUS, No.45, 2006, 246 pages, approx. 400 figures,tables, graphs, index of names and terms. ISBN 86-80329-41-X
  10. Boško Josimović, Mila Pucar: "The Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment of Electric Wind Energy Plants: Case Study 'Bavaniste' (Serbia)", Renewable Energy Journal, Vol. 35, Issue 7, 2010, p. 1509-1519, ISSN 0960-1481;

The most important professional results and studies

  1. Plan of detailed regulation of one part of Block 82 (industrial zone Hemofarm) in Vršac, 2003. Project manager, works phase;
  2. GUP Vrnjačka Banja, 2002/2003 team member, works phase;
  3. A study: A concept of development of clean renewable energy in the National Park Kopaonik (NPK). The project: Strategy of protection, development and setting a space plan NPK within creating a space plan of special assignments, NPK, 2003.
  4. Preliminary urban-architectural solution for the Technological Park in Vršac, 2003 co-author: Igor Marić, works phase;
  5. Program for the Plan of Detailed Regulation of Brankovina, Valjevo, IAUS, 2008, project manager;
  6. Program for the Extension of the "Banja Kanjiža" Rehabilitation Centre Complex, with Global Priced Bill of Quantities, Belgrade, 2003, (co-author arch. Igor Maric, A. Joksimović).
  7. Project of the ENECO-Center in Budva (Becici) (co-author arch. Igor Maric).
  8. Project of the "Ana" Hotel in Kanjizha (co-author arch. Igor Maric).
  9. Study: Rural infrastructure feasibility and costing study for the STARA PLANINA MT. NATURE PARK, author of chapter: Concept of reconstruction for present houses and guidance for construction of new houses; Bioclimatic planning and design and renewable energy sources use; member of team in the making of the final study, Ordering party: Republic of Serbia, Ministry of agriculture, Foresty and Water Management, World Bank, Executor: IAUS, May, 2007., Belgrade.
  10. Studies of еnergy revitalization and comfort optimization for 22 buildings of the Primary Schools and Kindergartens, The client: Executive Board of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade, ,"En Plus", team member, Belgrade, 2004.

Engagement in education

PhDand specialized studies

  • In charge of optional subject: Bioclimatic and Ecological Architecture, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Niš, 2008/9.
  • Specialised course: set of lectures on the topic of Renewable Sources of Energy and Energy Efficiency, Subject: Sustainable Urban Development,subject leader: Prof. dr Milica Bajić Brković, Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade, summer semesters 2009/2010.

Postgradate studies

  • Subjectleader for “Bioclimatic Architecture” at the postgraduate studies of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Banja Luka.
  • Holds invited lectures at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Banja Luka; lectures on “Bioclimatic Architecture”
  • Master’s studies, Study program: bioclimatic and energy efficient architecture (BEEA), Subject: Principles and Systems of Bioclimatic Architecture, Faculty of Architecture inPodgorica, 2010; lecturer and tutor.

Regular studies

  • Since 1990, a visiting Lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture for the Subject: Designing of Bioclimatic Architecture.
  • Elected Lecturer (Docent) at the Faculty of Agriculture for the Subject: Agricultural Buildings
  • Held invited lectures at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade on the subject “Urban Planning” on “Future of City in the Field of Energy” since 2001-2009;
  • Held invited lectures for the optional subject Bioclimatic Design and Building at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, IIIyear, winter semester 2005/2006.
  • Held a set of lectures on the topic of ENERGY EFFICIENT FACADES at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, Optional subject: CONTEMPORY FACADES AND ROOFS, subject leader: Prof. dr Aleksandra Krstić, Faculty of Architecture in Belgade, summer semester 2007, winter semesters 2008,2009 and 2010.
  • Held a set of lectures on the topic of ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN URBAN PLANNING, optional subject: BIOCLIMATIC DESIGN AND BUILDING, subject leader Prof.dr Milica Popović Jovanović, Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, summer smesters 2007 and 2008.
  • Set of lectures on the topic: ENERGY AND TOURISM, BIOCLIMATIC ARCHITECTURE AND IMPLEMENTATION OF NRES(Non-Renewable Energy Sources) IN TOURISTIC OBJECTS Singidunum University in Beograde, within the Study program Management in Tourism and within the subject MANAGEMENT OF NATURAL AND CULTURAL RESOURCES IN TOURISM (Prof. dr Marija Maksin Mićić) (winter semesters 2008 and 2009).

Master thesis

"The Effect of Bioclimatic Parameters on Energy Saving in Designing of Living Settlements", 1988, The Center for Multidisciplinary Srudies, University of Beograd.

PhD thesis

"Design Parameters of Planning and Designing of Glass-Covered Space as an Element of the Bioclimatic Architecture", 1999, The Faculty of Architecture of the University of Beograd.